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Wisdom of the Tarot: Life

Author: Claire Coleman

Do you see life as a challenge to overcome? A party to enjoy? A struggle to endure? People have many different approaches to life. Some may work well for us, others may not.

The Eight of Wands illustrates one way to face life; as a wonderful opportunity. If we rush along thinking everything will be great we may well create good things just by our attitude. A happy friendly person is easier to get along with than a dour one. They are natural risk takers good at making things happen and change. They are good in business or invention. A downside of this attitude though is that sometimes in any life bad things happen, what does someone with this attitude do at these times? They can fall to the ground in a big heap as though their happy balloon has been punctured. They could see it as an opportunity to learn and get through that way. This is the challenge with this attitude, to learn to deal with disappointments.

The Seven of Cups is another way to face life; refuse to accept it as it is. Someone who lives in this way lives mostly in their own head. Their life is full of fantasy and wonderful dreams. This is great if they can express these fantasies, for example, if they are a poet or painter. Their imagination then can bring wonder to other peopleís lives. The world needs this type of people. It can also be useful if their lives are a bit grim. Sometimes retreating to a fantasy world can help us endure times that are less than pleasant. The problem comes when the fantasy world overtakes reality or stops us from changing our reality. The challenge with this attitude to life is to embed it in reality.

The Seven of Pentacles is another way to deal with life; by being extremely practical. These people look only to the long term, are not risk takers and plan everything very far ahead. Their lives are full of routine, organisation and structure. This is good if they are the lawmakers and bankers in the world. We need people to keep things running. We need food to get from here to there, money to move from here to there. They also help keep society from breaking down. They are the people who always send birthday cards and always ring their parents. They keep society functioning. Their challenge is to learn the pleasure that comes from taking risks and the joy that comes from artistic expression.

In life we need these different types of people; we can class them as inventors, dreamers and bankers. Each of us has one primary way of looking at life which can be moulded over time but doesnít normally change. It is embedded within our genes. As we grow we have to learn the restrictions and advantages of our way of approaching the world. When faced with something very difficult for our personality type, such as a chaotic situation for a banker type of person, then the challenge is to learn a way to deal with it.

By knowing what sort of person we are we can gain clues about what situations would throw us and how to deal with them. Consider your approach to life. Does it fit into the descriptions above? If not can you clearly define it? By taking a little time to think about this next time something comes along that upsets your internal balance you can think ĎAh! I know why I donít like this. I need Öí Itís only by knowing yourself that youíll know how to fill in the blanks. Most people learn these things about themselves over a lifetime. Perhaps by taking 30 minutes to think about it you can learn a bit quicker!

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Claire Coleman has been a tarot reader for 17 years. She reads online at and sells gorgeous spiritual jewellery at

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