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How to Interpret My Dreams?

Author: Bryan Burbank

To interpret your dreams it is important to learn what the meaning of those dreams are and how they affect your life and the way you live. The act of dreaming itself can be dated back to ancient times were they thought that dreaming was considered the supernatural communication, divine intervention, their message could be unraveled by those people with certain powers. Today most information you find about Dream Interpretation is usually found in a psychology book.

Dreams are thought to be part of the world of the unconscious mind. When dreaming, the unconscious mind has access to all of your fears, desires, and inhibitions, and randomly weaves dreams that show you pictures, sounds, feelings and scents. It is believed that dreams give us important information about ourselves and those close to us.

Often dreams are about conflicts, and by focusing on your dreams over a period of time, you will find that your dreams may be offering solutions about any troubled relationships you are experiencing. Place a sprig of Rosemary or Thyme under your pillow to make sure that you will not have nightmares.

You can use a good sized journal and keep a record of the dreams you have, particularly if you are experiencing an unhappy or lonely time. After a week, reread your entries and see if a consistent theme is emerging. Learn from your dreams. You can also encourage your dreams to give you information on a specific topic. For Example: Recite the following three times just before you fall asleep and see if you get a sign of who your lover will be.

Also, you can try placing a four-leafed clover under your pillow before you go to sleep. It is through this, that you will dream of your soul mate.

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