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The Hidden Meaning Behind Dreams

Author: Christina Sponias

Carl Jung discovered the unique method of dream interpretation. I continued his research, discovered the meaning of more dream symbols and the existence of a wild and primitive conscience that causes craziness to our conscience.

If you learn how to interpret your dreams by using this scientific method, you will be able to penetrate the hidden world of the unconscious and anti-conscience, in addition to understanding how your human conscience works. What does this mean? This means that you will penetrate your mind and start understanding why you behave the way you do, why you think and feel the way you do and so on.

You will then start understanding your mistakes and to correct them and develop your conscience. This means that you become more intelligent because you start paying attention to other psychological functions that you have at your disposition. You can learn many things and better judge the world: these are the functions you never use because you are always dominated by only one fully developed psychological function, which you prefer, and another one that is only partially developed and only partly helps you.

In the beginning, your dreams will help you develop you conscience by showing you all the aspects of reality that you have to consider when you make your decisions or judge someone. For example, if you belong to a psychological type that is extroverted and based on sensations, you will care only for the way you feel, the food you eat, the clothes you wear and all the material pleasures you can have.

What can happen to you? A lot!

If you don’t think logically or analyze your life seriously, you’ll surely face many problems in your life. On the other hand, if you don’t pay attention to your feelings but only care for the gratification of your senses, you may get involved with someone you don’t really love but who can give you the material pleasure you desire…only to discover later that you cannot live with that person no matter how much money they may have.

If you don’t pay attention to what you “can guess” about each person, to the impression and the feeling they give you, you are ignoring a very important psychological function whose functionalism is a mystery—intuition. This psychological function is in fact the ability to predict the future without any logical explanation besides the impressions that you obtain about someone or something. This psychological function when completely developed can help you actually guess, for instance, the person who will buy your products and who will never do that. You can understand from the beginning who is the right person for you and immediately decide the next actions to take.

When this psychological function is not well developed, you receive no help in your decisions. You cannot guess anything about what you are trying to examine.

Therefore, when you completely develop your conscience through dream interpretation, you start discovering the hidden meaning of reality that you could not see before because you were too ignorant and based on only one entire and one partial psychological function each.

On the other hand, when you completely develop your conscience and eliminate the dangerous influence of the wild and primitive anti-conscience, you discover how reality is prepared and how you can transform it according to what will bring you good results.

You acquire a “third eye” that can read and decipher the symbols existent not only in dreams but also everywhere else, and you will be guided to solve all the problems of your life.

When you reach this level, you will learn the meaning of many other things that you now ignore. You will learn how to think according to another system of logic that is completely different from the selfish logic that you use now, in addition to understanding the meaning of life and death.

You can learn all that you wish by interpreting your dreams, and you can interpret everything that happens to you in your daily life just as you interpret dreams, and thus have more information about reality, other people and the future.

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