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Entrenched in the mystical setting of Mt. Shasta where ones intuition is naturally heightened, I'll clearly address and respond to your questions utilizing the Tarot, Lenormand and messages from spirit to illuminate your life path.


Clairsentient, Intuitive, Tarot Readings, Oracle Readings, 3 Card Lenormand Spreads, White Mountain Dream Oracle Reading, Dream Interpretations, Realms Readings, Astrology.


Renata was born into a long line of psychics and Intuitives and has been Clairesentient as far back as she can remember. Her mother was the great dreamer of the family. Each morning she'd share her nightly visions at breakfast, recalling colorful dreams that would take a full hour to recount! Renata inherited her mother's passion for dreams, and learned she was very sensitive to the presence of spirits and ghosts in their dwellings, often dreaming of spirits asking to be released from the earth plane. As a young child, she didn't know what to do, but as she grew older, she learned how to assist them.

At twenty-three, she took up Tarot, buying a handmade deck from Carol Herzer in Woodstock, NY. The cards incorporated Tarot images with major aspects of Astrology. She spent a year being schooled by Carol and later enrolled in classes with Mary K Greer, Rachel Pollock and Robert Hand. In her thirties, she returned to college to earn undergraduate and graduate degrees in Consciousness Studies, while continuing her intuitive training in the Wiccan community in the San Francisco Bay Area, mastering the basics of candle, crystal and herb magic.

In the early nineties, she had the good fortune of learning basic Shamanic Journeywork with Michael Harner. In the last three years, she's reincorporated that knowledge--after a twenty year hiatus--into her indigenous, ancestral ritual work. She later moved to the Mt Shasta area, finding her dreamwork amplified, and has been given distinct messages from the ancestors who have walked the land, and from the land itself. This has led her to learn about the indigenous history of the area and to connect to the First Nation peoples who reside there.


For thirty plus years, Renata has been working with Tarot. For the first ten, she read only for herself and her friends before becoming a professional reader—for the last twenty plus years now. She's a sought after reader, often hired for private holiday parties, corporate and fundraising events. About ten years ago, she incorporated Oracle Cards into her practice as a way to offer a quicker avenue for readings, and is introducing the Lenormand decks as yet another option. She finds Lenormand can offer an extremely directed reading, as opposed to Tarot, which provides a broader overview and more detailed psychological survey of the situation.

As a lifelong Dreamworker, she's always receiving messages about world events and cultural shifts through dreams. With two certificates in Advanced Dreamworking, Renata is able to sit down with a client and assist them in getting to the heart of their dream message--pretty powerful stuff, indeed! Renata also recently completed a certification in Realms Readings, taught by Doreen Virtue. Identifying a realm aids in pinpointing specific personality traits useful in determining a client's life path and purpose, and it's also a great add-on to any reading! About a year ago, she was inspired by the natural beauty of the Mount Shasta area to design a fifty-two card Oracle Deck: The White Mountain Dream Oracle. She uses it in conjunction with Tarot, but it also works as a stand-alone deck with dream images, specifically connected to Mount Shasta (or other sacred site areas). It's also useful when asking for messages from the land. Overall, it's quite a special deck, conveying the beauty and magic of the area.


Renata has a Gemini Sun, a Sagittarius Moon and is a Cancer rising, happily living at the base of mystical Mount Shasta in the Northern most part of California. While there's still a lot of California dreaming going on, the weather is not typical of the state. The winters are harsh with heavy snow, during the months of November to March, yet the natural beauty is amazing. Lakes, waterfalls and three distinct mountain energies surround her, not to mention the 14,000 foot dormant volcano of Mount Shasta! The peaceful and heavily forested eddy's and jagged granite peaks of the Castle Crags enhance its beauty. In addition, she's found that the move increased her psychic energy enormously! Her two feline confidants, Kenji and Luna, have increased their intuition, as well! Luna often sits with her during card readings, and Kenji has a natural talent for bi-locating. She truly does live in a magical place.

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Entrenched in the mystical setting of Mt. Shasta where ones intuition is naturally heightened, I'll clearly address and respond to your questions utilizing the Tarot, Lenormand and messages from spirit to illuminate your life path.

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