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Do you have relationship troubles? Feeling stuck? Iím a born Empath/Clairsentient with a Masters in Counseling, providing direct messages to you from my Guides. I can honestly say I feel your pain and will help you do something about it!


Clairsentient, Clairaudient, Claircognizant, Empath, Medium, Tarot Readings, Oracle Card Readings, Lenormand Card Readings, Runes, Pendulum, Relationship Readings.


Throughout childhood, it wasn't safe for Mataya to consider her psychic abilities or her talent for sensing things. Survival was all that was on her mind. In her teens, everything changed and she began to notice her ability to sense things around her that others did not. A whole array of feelings, like colors, splashed onto her canvas. They were feelings not seen but sensed in a very real way throughout her body. Looking back, she now knows she was both Empathic and Clairsentient, though she still finds the difference between the two gifts to be subtle. There are so many labels and so little time to understand all the nuances of meaning--Lol. Early on, before she was trained, Mataya would go into a crowd and pick-up feelings and thoughts from people, easily becoming overwhelmed by them. It wasn't until her thirties that she learned to manage her psychic gifts. Even now, she experiences headaches and becomes physically sore in large crowds.

In her sophomore year, she became a born-again Christian and developed a relationship with Jesus and God. At that time, she pretty much ignored her psychic gifts, until she was filled with the Holy Spirit and received its fruits. While most would want the gifts of Spirit, such as speaking in tongues, that always felt foreign to her. What really felt right was the Word of Wisdom, receiving special messages delivered by God for someone to hear. Little did she realize she was actually channeling Spirit Guides! For twenty plus years, she stayed with the church as a born-again, evangelical, traditional Christian. Then, as she began her recovery from an eating disorder, Mataya suddenly felt drawn to Tarot. Though it was against the doctrine of the Christian church, she followed her heart. She took up the study of tarot cards and metaphysics and slowly pulled away from the Christian church.

Also at this time, she studied psychology and sociology, receiving her Bachelors and Masters in Counseling. She spent a number of years as a therapist intern, working with domestic violence and all kinds of sexual assault. She was close to becoming licensed as a Marriage, Family, and Child Therapist when she was told to follow a different path. And so she rearranged her life, going in an entirely different direction, and wound up as an Intuitive Counselor and Spiritual Advisor. She also designs and sells jewelry in small online shops, but her real love will always be counseling. Mataya was a name that came to her out of the blue one day and she has since learned it means God's gift. Her talents are indeed a gift that she continues to treasure and share with her clients.


Mataya belongs to the American Tarot Association and has been a successful Intuitive Practitioner for twenty-six wonderful years. She began her career providing readings at psychic fairs in Bakersfield and Sacramento for about a decade. These were always hard as she absorbed the energy of all the people around her, and didn't yet know how to shield herself. Always she'd leave with body aches and a monstrous headache. During this time she also gave readings at local metaphysical shops. Though she found one-on-one psychic counseling to be more to her liking, it was, unfortunately, more of an energy drain. As an antidote, she moved her practice to the internet, providing online psychic counseling and phone readings, while still continuing to counsel clients at metaphysical shops.

After she left Sacramento and moved to Oceanside, she gave up the one-on-one counseling entirely, devoting herself fully to her online clientele. To this day, she still wrestles with protecting herself from the energy she picks up from others--the price of being a highly sensitive soul. She's found it important, therefore, to include chakra cleansing as part of her daily routine. Her education is also another important component of her practice. With her Masters in Counseling and her many years as a therapist intern, Mataya knows people inside and out, on both an Intuitive and psychological level.


A triple cancer, Mataya has three planets in this psychic, sensitive and healing sign. This also means she is super-duper nice. However, her moon is in Aries, which makes her honest and compels her to say what's on her mind. She'll tell you exactly what's going on, in no uncertain terms, but in the nicest way possible. And she'll also tell you if you're getting on her nervesóalso in the nicest way humanly possible! She lives in California with her husband of almost thirty-three years with their two dogs, Chopper and Bailey, and their cat, Max, who--by the way--thinks he owns the place. But it's only on Chopper's good graces! Mataya is a breast cancer survivor going on five years now. She, along with millions of other women, gained a ton of weight from the cancer medicine and is struggling with weight issues. She's also a regulated bipolar-2, having spent thirty years going undiagnosed and was once suicidal. It wasn't until her forties that she was properly diagnosed. She therefore knows what it's like to struggle with mental health issues and for that reason she treats each client with tremendous compassion. You are not alone in your struggles and in Mataya you have a reader who truly understands. Allow her to do a reading for you and let her be the catalyst to help you move forward in your life.

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Do you have relationship troubles? Feeling stuck? Iím a born Empath/Clairsentient with a Masters in Counseling, providing direct messages to you from my Guides. I can honestly say I feel your pain and will help you do something about it!

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